Yes8SG says merry Christmas with Chelsea Jersey Giveaway gesture

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Singapore: 31 December 2019, Yes8SG – the most trusted casino is coming with an exciting offer on the eve of Christmas. One of the most famous online casinos – Yes8SG is willing to wish merry Christmas in a remarkable manner. The casino management has decided to run an exquisite marketing campaign for its members in which they are going to giveaway Chelsea Jersey. Chelsea is one of the most celebrated clubs in the game. The cost of the membership of the club will be a manageable amount and only those with valid deposit membership would qualify for the quest.

Yes8SG has remained the most trusted and reliable online casino in Singapore since its inception. And on the Eve of Christmas they have decided to run a giveaway campaign for Chelsea Jersey. This jersey is worthy enough to go for the membership. This campaign would result in enhanced fan interaction and increased fan base. This would be an interesting opportunity to build a connection with prospective fans as well.

In addition to that the campaign would win your heart as it would feature 3 KOLs. These are much renowned KOL. They are going to be the ambassador for the casino for the period of the campaign. They will post a video that too with a message. And this they will do with their Id. They will be referring to the customers as well. Finally they would also help them win a much sought after Chelsea jersey. This campaign has everything already. This is going to be mind-boggling stuff for a member of the club to win a Chelsea Jersey. The 3 KOL’s will be Wexian1015, Sabee996 and TzeQian_c.c.

The casino management believes they owe a lot to their fans and followers. As per the management, the success and glory they have achieved is largely due to the trust and support their fans have shown in them. That is why this year they have decided to celebrate Christmas by engaging with fans and running a campaign for them. This is how they want to further enhance their fan base and try to reach to more people. To make sure they do it successfully they have decided to undertake following activities. This also will make new and prospective members aware of what the casino is offering?

  • Inviting three renowned KOLs
  • Finalized to give away Chelsea Jersey

Yes8SG is not only one of the best online casinos in Singapore but also a trusted name in the field of online casinos. Its ethics and legality are unmatched in its category in comparison to its counterparts. The casino management has decided to partner with many leading brands to get promotional discount offers for their members. Casino also wants to attract limelight by engaging leading media houses for the campaign. This would enable the casino to reach its activities and offers to the masses. This will come as an exciting opportunity for the members as well. They can cash in the discount offers that they are entitled to as a member of one of the online casino Singapore has.

The promotion campaign is a testimony to the thought process of the Casino management. They do not only want to connect with fans but also they want their brand name to be on the same page as of the celebrated club Chelsea. This showpiece campaign is potent enough to take the brand name of this casino to many football fanatics across the globe. This campaign will ensure more number of people would get to know about the casino and sooner or later would get associated with it.

This sort of promotion campaign would benefit Chelsea – a leading football club as well. Though they are one of the most famous football clubs but their quest for more popularity amongst their fans is always ongoing. Any club wants its fans to grow in numbers always. The support and love fans possess from the club affects positively the players as well. It boosts the confidence of the players while playing the game. The magnificent players of Chelsea are known to play extremely well at home. And a big reason for that is the tremendous support they get in home games. This campaign would ensure that the number fans increases in other areas as well and the club and players get monumental support in away games as well.

This one of its kind marketing campaign will be a landmark marketing stunt for Yes8SG. And it would benefit all the stakeholders associated with the campaign.