What is online Baccarat?

Online Baccarat is a classical casino game, it is one of the most popular live casino Singapore game. Even after being commercialized into the online market, Online Baccarat has maintained its simplicity. This game is very similar to Blackjack, it is like a card comparing the competition, however, it is easier to understand than blackjack. In Singapore, this casino game is very popular among the wealthy, and all the Singapore online casinos including provide live online baccarat in safe conditions. Also, there are rooms where lower bets can be placed, that is why this game is so popular among Asian gamblers.

How is Online Baccarat Played?

Irrespective of the number of players in the game, in Online Baccarat, just two hands are handled: the “player” hand, and the “banker” hand. The aim of this game is for both players to bet and among both hands the player with a score closest to 9 wins. The Players would dish bets ahead of the hands being handled with whatever value from the table, being lower than the table maximum. Therefore, there could only be 3 betting options:

1. Player hand

2. Bank hand

3. Tie

This live competition is played normally with 8 or 6 complete decks of cards. The cards will be shuffled, and then put into a box called the “shoe.” The players will change the deal by rotating the shoe counterclockwise around the table, and each player can be the Banker. If the hand for the banker keeps winning then the person dealing will remain unchanged.

The banker-hand will be whichever player has the shoe, although the player assumes no extra risk and the casino continues to be the banker. Four cards are handled face-down by the dealer, two to the player-hand, and two to the banker-hand. The player who wagers the largest amount on “player” gets a premier look at the player-hand.

It is easy to play Baccarat. The dealer would record the gambler-hand and the banker-hand and determine which is the winning hand when a bet is placed. The person whose hand score is closest to nine will be the winner. If there is a tie, the bets from the player, or banker will be refunded.

In live casino games, there is a live dealer that handles the cards, they distribute the cards to players who sit at the table. Oftentimes, the games would differ greatly in basic rules, it is vital that a player knows the rules if they intend to win in these types of games.


The Republic of Singapore features an amazing online community, and there are lots of live casino games, to provide entertainment for those who are interested. Some people dedicate their time, to earning a living off of live casino games. For example, Baccarat online is a very popular live casino game for Singapore players, it is known for its massive payouts, and the many bonuses. This card game has had many Singapore winners, these winners have obtained massive payouts, this incentive is what makes live casinos so popular, if you are skilled, it’s a fun way to make extra money.